An Urgent Need

With your support we’ve reunited lost pets with their families, housed the homeless, fed the starving, healed the ill and injured, and created happily-ever-after stories for hundreds of thousands of pets and their new families.

Laundary Storage Room

But we’ve reached the limit of what we can do in our current Shelter.

The Regina Humane Society is struggling to maintain urgent and increasing needs. If you’ve been to our building, you’ll know that we operate out of a time-expired facility that was built well over a generation ago with volunteer labour and donated materials.

Rusty Pipes

Our building is, quite literally, falling down around us.

Ceilings leak, offices are cramped and noisy, our veterinarians perform surgery out of a small truck, and cracks in the walls and floor make it impossible to sanitize spaces. It is costly to meet current occupational and public health, safety, accessibility and fire standards in a building that is beyond repair.

Dog behind bars

What does that mean? It means the building itself is causing disease.

It means that our day-to-day operations are expensive and inefficient and are consuming funds and human resources that could be better used elsewhere. It means that there’s limited space for programs and services.

Perhaps you know the joy of arriving home to a wagging tail and sloppy kisses, to purrs and cuddles from an animal who loves you unconditionally. Even if you don’t own an animal, you know the comfort and joy they can bring to people’s lives.

But you’ve also seen that not all animals are as lucky in finding their forever homes. Cats, dogs and other small animals in Regina find themselves homeless, abused, hungry and abandoned. That’s where the Regina Humane Society comes into the story. For more than 57 years, we’ve provided a caring and loving place for animals.

But our ability to continue caring for animals is in serious jeopardy, and we desperately need your help. 

Despite doing our best, animals are losing their lives every day because our current Shelter is unable to meet the needs of the community.   

It’s literally falling down around us, spreading disease, and creating immense stress for both our animals and our people.

Our animals need and deserve a new home, and they need your compassionate support to make it happen.